Super Volunteer

A picture of Anne-Laure

Hello lovely Anne-Laure, how do you come to being in Student Alpha HQ?

Hello! Well I became involved as I thought it would be a good chance to put my summer holidays into use, and what better way to spend it then serve at Student Alpha HQ!

Have you always been a Christian?

No I haven’t. I became a Christian when I was 17 (about 6 years ago). A girl I randomly bumped into in the library started talking to me and eventually invited me along to her church. This was the first time I felt God was alive and that you could actually have a relationship with him. So, on that same day, I gave my life to him.

What do you study at Uni?

I just finished my 2nd year of studying Theology and Religious Studies and loving every second of it!

What’s it like being a Student in London?

Busy! There’s always something to do in London. In fact if you find yourself with nothing to do, it almost feels abnormal. But I do love being a student here; getting to explore the city around me and finding cool new places to chill.

What's your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Just because there is so much to do here in London, I quite like chilling at home, reading a book or playing on my guitar (not that I’m very good at it!), as well as walking around London in general.

What’s the funniest/ weirdest thing you’ve experienced in Student Alpha HQ so far?

Funniest thing so far is seeing my Student Pastor bust some dance moves…but also the amount of banter that seems to be going by, making this place a fun environment to work in.


Tell us a secret....

Hmm…if I tell this one, I have a feeling lots of people will be coming to me after revealing the secret…my last name is posh to the point where I have a family castle that I go to almost every year in France.

What are you most excited about doing while being at Student Alpha HQ?

Getting involved with the new Student Alpha website (which will be launched very shortly!), growing in my faith through this process and working out what I actually want to do with my life (amongst other things).

We know that you’re VERY excited about the Student Alpha Training Tour coming up – why do you think training is important?

Training is important as it helps you get ideas of how best to run the course for yourselves. Plus it equips and prepares you to be able to lead Student Alpha, as well as getting you excited about it.

What’s your one top tip for someone heading off to Uni for the first time this September?

Just be yourself and not be afraid to introduce yourselves to people…trust me you won’t be the only one who is anxious (everyone will be in the same boat!). Also get stuck into church as soon as possible!

Why do you love Student Alpha and why should others register a course and get involved?

I think Student Alpha is a great chance for your Non-Christian friends to know more about Christianity and getting into a deep discussion about your faith in a really relaxed way.


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