It's very important to train your team!

If you see that there is an Accelerate event near you, contact us and let us know you are interested. We may be able to add an Alpha for ESOL seminar to the day for you and your team.

If you are planning to build your Alpha for ESOL team, here are some guidelines:

Host, helper and speaker qualities

All hosts, helpers and speakers on an Alpha for ESOL course should have the following qualities:

  • Been a host/helper on the Alpha course previously
  • Done Alpha training
  • Culturally sensitive
  • A passion for the gospel reaching other cultures
  • Experience in interacting with and speaking to non-native English speakers and people from other cultures
  • And most importantly, lots of patience!

Small group dynamics

Small Group dynamics are even more important on Alpha for ESOL than on the Alpha course. Work hard to create a safe environment.

Ensure that you discourage the following dynamics and beliefs:

  • Student-teacher atmosphere
  • Guests not talking unless they are called
  • Guests feeling like they are under pressure to have the "correct" answer
  • Guests feeling uncomfortable sharing opinions or what they are thinking
  • Guests believing it is not socially acceptable to disagree with the speaker or small group host

It is essential that you try to do everything you can to emphasise a peer to peer atmosphere.

Key differences from an Alpha course small group

Please allow for the following differences in an Alpha for ESOL small group:

  • Guests may be translating in their heads and need a slower paced discussion
  • Guests may need more time to formulate their responses during discussion
  • Cultural and cross-cultural specific issues

We would suggest that you try smaller groups.