Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

The Alpha for ESOL course is suitable for people who speak some English. It’s not ideal for people who do not speak any English. If they speak no English at all, they should do the Alpha course in their native tongue.two girls smiling

Is it an English lesson/ESOL course?

No, it is first and foremost an Alpha course. Guests who attend an Alpha for ESOL course will most likely find opportunities to improve their English, but it is not an English lesson or an ESOL course. It is important to clarify this to your guests; that it is a course about basic Christianity.

What language is Alpha for ESOL in?

Alpha for ESOL is in English. We do not have plans to translate this resource at the moment.

Do I need to be a trained or qualified ESOL/TESOL teacher to run the course?

No, you do not need to be an ESOL qualified teacher to run or be involved in the course. All you need is a passion for different cultures, and ideally, to have done some Alpha training. Experience in speaking/interacting with people from other cultures and non-native English speakers is a bonus.

Are the talks available on DVD?

No, the talks are not recorded. All the talks are delivered live. The strength of this is that you can adapt your presentation style and language level according to the specific group of people you have on each course.

I am a guest. Can I buy a manual?

Unfortunately guest manuals cannot be bought separately. The guests notes will be given out to you by the course leader each week.