Nicky & Sila Lee Attend "La Grazia del Sacramento delle Nozze"

In June 2011, Mons Renzo Bonnetti, parish priest in the village of Bovolone in Italy, came with over 10 couples to the Relationship Central Conference at Alpha International Week. During the conference, Don Renzo shared his vision for the Marriage Course in Italy with Nicky and Sila Lee, creators of The Marriage Course, the Marriage Preparation Course, the Parenting Course, and the Parenting Teenagers Course. During this time, Nicky and Sila accepted an invitation from Mons. Renzo to attend "La Grazia del Sacramento delle Nozze" ("The Grace of the Marriage Sacrament in the Holy Spirit Fullness of Life") conference, which was held in Rome in January 2012. Nicky and Sila were among 1000 Catholic delegates (mainly Italian couples) who attended the conference, and joining them were Marie-Gabrielle and Emmanuel Menager, Catholic Coordinators of The Marriage Course in France.  Several of the couples who came to the Relationship Central Conference at Alpha International Week 2011 also came to this event and they now plan to run the Marriage Course in their parish communities this year.

Whilst at the conference, the Lees and the Menagers had the privilege of meeting with Don Bernadino Giordano, Vice Director of the Italian Bishops’ Conference Office for Family Life and Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, who came to preside at the mass on the last day. 
The conference included a series of talks about marriage and the Holy Spirit, including one by Mons. Bruno Forte, Archbishop of Chieti-Vasto.  Mons. Renzo also mentioned his experience of The Marriage Course. The Marriage Course will be piloted across Italy in February 2012.

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